The Open Sea Foundation has become the official partner of the ‘Waterworks’ project

05 MAY 2017

The Open Sea Foundation has become the official partner of the ‘Waterworks’ project that will be represented as a tour of Baltic Sea Philharmonic led by conductor Kristjan Järvi. ‘Waterworks’, a nine-date tour of Germany and Denmark, which starts in Hattingen on 5 May and ends in Hamburg on 29 August with a concert at the dazzling new Elbphilharmonie. ‘Waterworks’ celebrates both the life-giving power of water and the way we are connected by the planet’s rivers and oceans.

The repertoire for ‘Waterworks’ includes a special arrangement of Handel’s Water Music and a new orchestration of Philip Glass’s Aguas da Amazonia. Philip Glass turned 80 in January this year, and we’re celebrating his birthday in the ‘Waterworks’ programme not only with Aguas da Amazonia but also with his Violin Concerto No. 2 The American Four Seasons, for which we’ll be joined by Russian-born virtuoso Mikhail Simonyan.

The tour takes us back to some familiar places: to the Danish Radio Concert Hall in Copenhagen, to the Konzerthaus in Berlin, and also to Peenemünde on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom, where our story began in 2008. But there are plenty of firsts too, including a performance in Aarhus as it celebrates its year as European Capital of Culture, and our closing concert at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, a fitting final destination with its stunning wave-topped facade mirroring the movement of water in the harbour it overlooks.

What makes this tour even more special is the way we’ll be shaking up the concert experience. The Baltic Sea Philharmonic is collaborating with lighting designer Bertil Mark, projection artist Philipp Geist and sound designer Chris Ekers to immerse audiences in a thrilling world of music, light, images and sound. Kristjan says: ‘I want to create an atmosphere from the moment a concert goer enters the space. The audience should feel as if they are suddenly entering a new dimension, a world where anything is possible.’

We look forward to seeing you on our 'Waterworks' tour.

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