17 JUN  | 15:15:00 | 2015

“Clay Hedgehog”, an original project by a famous Russian TV host Ernest Matskyavichus has quickly become a club for successful and noble people from business, culture and art world, united by their love of music and their desire to do good. Original and informal concert parties are attended by professionals and talented amateurs alike. Viewers put the money into a symbolic hedgehog-shaped clay piggybank – whatever they are willing and able to contribute. All the money raised is used for targeted help to children fighting disease. The performances are held at Durov Art Café twice a year. The maximum amount raised in one night so far is 4 million rubles.

Project participants: Mikhail Simonyan, Dmitry Murin, Oleg Ryabets, Leonid Bahtalin, Christina Aglintz, Vladimir Levkin, Konstantin Tarasov, Marina Kravetz, singers from The Voice, The Big Stage TV shows, and other performers.

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