21 APR  | 00:00:00 | 2017

On April, 21 a famous russian journalist Ernest Matskyavichyus brings friends together in his original charity project the “Clay Hedgehog" in cooperation with the Open Sea Foundation Traditionally, the evening will be held in an informal concert party format at the Durov Art Café. It will unite outstanding people from business, cultural and art world and simply talented music amateurs in their desire to help and make a change in our society. During the party anyone can put the money into a symbolic hedgehog-shaped clay piggybank, so all the money raised will be used for targeted help to children fighting serious diseases. The maximum amount raised in one night so far was 4 million rubles.


Project participants: Mikhail Simonyan, Dmitry Murin, Leonid Bahtalin, Vladimir Levkin, Konstantin Tarasov, Igor Kornilov, Marusya, Kai Metov, Dmitry Koulistikov, Alexander Shaganov, Yuta and 15-year-old baritone Anton Chukhriy.





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