To the 80th anniversary of Philip Glass.THE ELEMENTS

06 DEC  | 00:00:00 | 2017

On the 6th  of December in 19:00 in the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory the violinist Mikhaill Simonyan  and Nordic Pulse Ensemble conducted by Maestro Kristjan Järvi will present a programme of musical minimalism, called “The Elements” to the 80th anniversary of the famous composer Philip Glass.

 “The Elements” emphasizes unity of natures, conflicts, variety and mutual complementation between a person and nature. Earth, air, flame and water – each of them is a force of nature ,turned into music with  nonstandard scenographic approach. Except nontypical interpretation with broad coverage of emotional and thematical spectrum, “The Elements” changes concert area using lighting solutions, made by famous german lightning designer Bertil Mark.

 During the musical performance the audience will hear three premieres: Violin Concerto No. 2, "The American Four Seasons" by Philip Glass; Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four season”, interpreted differently by one of the brightest modern composers Max Richter and maestro Järvi’s own composing. Specific logical accent belongs to one composition ,called “Fratres”(“brothers” in Latin) and written by Estonian musician Arvo Pärt, because Nordic Pulse Ensemble’s team itself consists of 18 musician from 9 Baltic states, connected by the idea of creation. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Russia- all Nordic Pulse Ensemble’s members are something more than just music band – it’s a real community, based on common striving to combine its ideas around music.

Nordic Pulse Ensemble’s conductor  and producer of “The Elements” programme  Kristjan Järvi shares an aspiration of creating new ideas for different cultures and he is also known for his individual approach to the way he works with absolute various genres and concepts. He cooperates with such musicians and composers as Steve Reich, Gia Kancheli,Haushka ,Dhafer Youssef,Anoushka Shankar, Esa-Pekka Salonen. Järvi’s affilation to different boundaries of art is also  reflected in his on-screen works with directors Tom Tykwer and sisters Wachowski ;under his direction were recorded soundtracks to “Cloud Atlas”(2012) and “Hunger games”(2012).

 Solo performer Mikhail Simonyan  - a famous violinist, won international acclaim at the age of 15 after his first recital before the lights of the Carnegie Hall. Nowadays Mikhail Simonyan toures a lot in Russia and overseas. He cooperates with such conductors as Valerii Gergiev, Mikhail Pletnev, Leonard Slatkin; performs on the stage of the Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Concertgebouw, the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory and Saint Petersburg Philharmonic; fiddles with the best ensembles, including  Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, the Russian National Orchestra and other prominent music ensembles.

 “The Elements”- it is an audio visual project of the Foundation for cultural and educational programs "Open Sea" and Sunbeam Productions, created with the help of  traditional musical forms through the prism of new actuality, consonant with different listener’s tastes.In cooperation with Mikhail Simonyan, Kristjan Järvi and Nordic Pulse Ensemble create specific atmosphere; they help listeners to plunge into special world of light and sound, using all available expressive means.


The Elements

 Nordic Pulse Ensemble

 Conductor and producer: Kristjan Järvi

 Soloist: Mikhail Simonyan

 6 December, 19 PM

 Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory

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